Christmas Ringtones and Sounds App Reviews

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this is a terrible app!!!

this is a really bad app because it doesnt work well and it is really hard to put it on like your ringtone.


Great selections. I really like the music box selections.

Too difficult

Couldnt figure out how to get the tones in my library even after following the instructions. The tones were nowhere to be found after syncing. Complete waste of time.

Love love love

Decent selection and so easy to use!

Great app

Easy to use and with great ringtones, I had a dozen new ringtones within five minutes :)

Whats the point?

According to Itunes, Ive downloaded this ringtone. Okay, any suggestions as to where exactly it downloaded to? It isnt listed in the "music" or any place else that I can find.

Too much

This is ridiculous. The instructions take 15 minutes to complete & u still cant find what u downloaded. Waste of time.

Good but difficult to do

Its a good app with good sounds. The instructions make sense but took awhile to download and sync.

Too difficult!!

Great idea, but song are no where to be found in iTunes-dont waste your time.

Dont waste your time

Only gave 1 star cause it made me its worth less than dirt, i followed instructions to no avail, i do t know y apple has to make everything so difficult!!!!!!!!!! HORRIBLE

Christmas ringtones and sounds

Horrible. Now my phone wont ring at all.

Nice Christmas ringtones.

Thank you for the ringtones.I really am enjoying them. You might consider improving the instructions for those who seem to have difficulty with adding them to the iPhone.Too bad Apple cant improve the process which is sort of round about.

Not bad, too time consuming

I know that Apple is a PITA to use when downloading things via iTunes and that is the major gripe, not the app. Took a minute or two of reading and rereading instructions, but they worked okay. Good variety of tones and sounds! Thanks!

Unable to Sync Due to Updated iTunes

Downloaded to iTunes and synced app, but can not set Ring tones. Says to sync to load file. I synced 10 times. Seemed good, but cant get to load file or complete process.

Christmas Ringtones

After moving the ringtones to the desktop I had to restart the computer before I could transfer the ringtones back to Itunes. They all loaded on the iphone 4s just find.

Great App

Other reviewers stated that the instructions to download the tones were difficult. I found it to be very easy. Some of the tones were just okay but I found that some of them work quite nicely. A great app!


I was having trouble getting other apps to download but this works great if you just follow the instructions carefully. Great ap

Dont waste your time

This would be a great app, if it worked, but it doesnt, so its not. The people who like this app must be rocket scientists because thats what it takes to figure out how to use it. I gave up after 30 minutes. Dont waste your time, unless youre a rocket scientist of course.

Dont Bother

Followed the instructions and cant find the ringtones anywhere in my iTunes library. Synched several times and nothing. Deleting app.

Where are they?

Ok, I can find them in my apps, but I follow the directions, and then the directions dont match up to my (most recent) version of iTunes... or on my iPhone... Ive tried for about a 1/2 hour on 3 separate occassions... Very frustrating. Glad I didnt pay for it.

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